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Frequently Asked Questions - General

FAQs - General

Yes , there are still lots available.

At Palm Village we have lots available between 650 m2 - 1500m2

The prices are between $ 65,- and $ 100 p/m2

yes we do have a internal credit facility. Buyers have the opportunity to pay out in 5 years . 

Only your passport


Near palm Village almost everything  is available. You have nice supermarkets, fresh fruits and vegetables are available year round.

The Developers work on realizing a sport / healthcare facility center in about  2 or 3 years    .
With a nice gym, pool , sauna,  clubhouse  etc.

Storm water is contained in a large network of open canals and a lake which also create a beautiful atmosphere , so storm water flooding is unknown to Palm Village. 

Yes, we have a professional construction team.
We start with designing your dream house from scratch  till welcoming you in your new home.

Kantoor Adres: Beekhuizenweg 276Mobile: 7692000Office: 483545 Email: palmvillagesredg.suriname@gmail.com
Verkoop Informatie: +597-7190071/+ 597-7581259/+31637023268/info@palmvillagesuriname.com